Laundry Moms

How Laundry Moms Works
Laundry Moms will pick-up your laundry from your designated location at the scheduled day and time. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes, and have them back to you the sameday. We also offer line drying.


Our Introduction

Within hours of your purchase of pounds or a package a representative will contact you. During that conversation a day and time for your weekly pickup will be chosen. You can also take this opportunity to ask whatever questions you might have or inform us of any special request.



What you need to do and know
All you have to do is put your dirty clothes in a bag, have it at the designated pick-up location on the day and time chosen, and your clean and neatly folded clothing will be returned that sameday. 

 * If you are interested in having any clothing line dried please notify us at the time of pick up. We ask that you have them identified in your laundry bag.

 * If you have special requests for your clothing please notify us at the time of pick-up.

 * Laundry Moms does charge customers a $5.00 fuel surcharge for a forgotten pickup. This means if Laundry Moms arrives at your home or office for your scheduled pickup and the clothes are not there a free of $5.00 will apply.




Your Laundry Mom Bag
When you sign-up for one of our four packages you will be provided with a 30lb laundry bag. Laundry Moms will provided this bag at the return of your first drop off. 

Laundry Mom Contract

At the time of your first laundry pick-up, Laundry Moms will have you sign a 12-week contract. This contract just states the services Laundry Moms is providing as well as our terms and conditions and that you are in agreement with. You can find a copy of our contract on our home page.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Laundry Moms has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you should not be satisfied with the job we have done we will offer you a 100% refund on your remaining balance.