Laundry Moms


Laundry Moms realizes that in todays world, folks are extremely busy. As a result, laundry can often be neglected. Laundry Moms is here to eliminate your laundry headache.

Laundry Moms is the only wash, dry and fold laundry pickup and delivery service in Syracuse, NY. We cater to professionals, working moms and dads, students, senior citizens and others. 

We offer several laundry packages to pick from so without a doubt you will find one that works for you.  

Laundry Moms will pickup your laundry from your home or office at the scheduled day and time. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes, and have them back to you that sameday.  We also offer line drying.  

At Laundry Moms your laundry will be handled with the utmost care. Now the countless hours spent doing laundry can be used for something fun and enjoyable! 
Thank you,  

Laundry Moms